About the Author


Randy Steele was the managing partner of Compass Pointe Financial, a wealth management firm dedicated to helping clients with their financial planning needs. From insurance to investments, the Compass Pointe Financial team advisors help business owners, high-net-worth clients, and average families with their savings, investing, and retirement plans. Whether it is transferring a small business or family farm from one generation to another or helping an entrepreneur facilitate a startup company, the advisors and local estate attorneys and tax consultants help the process be tax efficient as possible. Their honesty and down-to-earth approach is what continues to attract clients to their door.

Being active in Rotary, helping start a local school foundation, being active in church, and having 7 grandchildren … all of it has given him important insight. In 1997, Randy was awarded MVP for Lutheran Brotherhood (a financial service business for Lutherans) and received the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Top of the Table Award. The MDRT award is the top 1/10th of 1%, all based on production.

Randy is a lifelong entrepreneur and has had tremendous success in the financial service business, real estate, real estate appraising, greenhouse growing operations, and the mortgage industry. Through these experiences, the knowledge he has gained is invaluable to someone wanting to start a business or someone wanting to take their business to the next level.

Through the years, Randy has been involved in starting numerous successful businesses. He never felt it was in his best interest to have a partner. Success or failure was his. However, in 2002, after running the numbers, it became evident the financial service business was an industry that not only had a great potential but also met his goals of future succession planning. Randy felt since this was going to be a huge undertaking it would be best if he could find a partner he could trust. His son-in-law, Jason Scarcella, was just that man. Smart, honest, and genuine, Jason had the right ingredients. Together, they cofounded Compass Pointe Financial.